B is for Birthday

b floralThe past few weeks have been difficult. Not as difficult as the last few years but difficult enough to keep me pretty depressed. Thank god for meds!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that it’s been awhile since I posted. That’s just because I don’t want to write any more “I’m so depressed” posts.

I feel a bit better today because I’ve finally been given a job! It’s a part-time job cleaning a local business. It doesn’t start until the end of May or beginning of June, which doesn’t help right now. Soooo… my car may get repo’d. Which sucks because not only do I love my car, but I live in an area with limited public transportation. And most of the well paying jobs are not accessed by public transportation. Sigh.

That said; let’s move onto something more fun.


My birthday’s coming up! I’m gonna be 41 years old. Honestly I never thought I’d make it past 30 much less 41, so every birthday is a triumph.

Here’s what I want for my birthday, from need to want to fantasy:


A job. Preferably one that doesn’t involve a lot of manual labor and pays more than minimum wage.

$3-12. For laundry. There’s nothing worse than not having clean clothes.

TP and other personal care stuff you can’t buy on food stamps. Because stealing TP from public restrooms is morally wrong and lowers my self esteem.

Money for gasoline. So I can go on job interviews that the bus line doesn’t go near.SONY DSC

Enough money to keep my car from being repo’d. For obvious reasons.



Some going out money. Cause I haven’t gone out to eat or the movies in forever.

Some craft supplies (or money for supplies). I love craft stores and craft supplies. Crafts make me feel creative and I love the stores for all the possibilities there. They make me happy!

Books! They’re another thing that makes me happy. I can spend hours in a bookstore. One of my lifelong dreams has been to become an author (of fiction) but I struggle with motivation and writer’s block.



A new laptop with a printer. I don’t have a printer right now and my computer is on its last legs.cat laptop

My car paid off. That would be a huge weight off my shoulders.

A year’s worth of car insurance, license renewal fees, and gasoline. Another weight that would be lovely to lose.

All my student loans and medical debts paid off. Let’s just say I owe people more money than I’ve ever made in my entire life.

A new home, including money to spruce it up and pay for a few years of property taxes. One of my dreams is to own my own home and be able to decorate it however I want. I’m so sick of sharing bathrooms/kitchens with roommates and not being able to paint my walls.

Pets. As ya’ll know, I’m a crazy cat lady. But I haven’t been able to have pets (due to landlord restrictions) for years. I want at least two cats and maybe a dog.

The bad part of this wish list is that I’m probably not going to get anything on it. My family is not big on birthday gifts unless you’re a kid. Normally this doesn’t bother me, but this year is different. Just cause I’m in such a low place financially and personally.

However, I’m planning on celebrating my birthday anyway. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing at the time, but if I’m alone I’m gonna live it up anyway. Because my 41st year has got to be better than my 40th!

cat with dress

Blessings to you all.

Be well.


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